Playing Rules

Conduct of events


Every week-end race is long of 2 days. The practice sessions happen on saturday morning. Saturday afternoon is reserved for the 2 first qualification races while the 2 last qualification races happened on sunday morning, after the warm-up (free practice). Semi-finals and finals happen sunday afternoon, for the 6 championship categories.

Practice sessions

Since 2014, practice sessions are no more qualifying. It only allowed drivers to discover the race track and to know about their own performance compare to the rivalry. It’s also an opportunity to do the last settings on the car. The position on the starting grid of the first qualification race is now depending on random draw.

Practice sessions allow
teams and drivers to do the last settings

Semi-finals and finals

Drivers qualified for the 2 semi-finals are positioned on the starting grid respecting the number of points after the first 4 races of the week-end. Each semi-final is played with 8 drivers and the 8 best drivers are divided on the 2 semi-final (1-3-5-7-9-11-13-15 et 2-4-6-8-10-12-14).

The 4 first drivers of the 2 semi-finals are qualified for the final. The 3 first drivers of the final go on the podium of the race and will take the maximum of points on the final but not necessarily the maximum of points on the race (see below “points”)

Starting grid

Pole position

Heating zone