Paddock structure plan

Paddock informations

Find below 7 examples of structure plan for the paddock.

If you have some difficulties to do the plan, we are here to help you. It’s important for you to realize it’s real challenge for the organisers if you don’t communicate the right dimensions of your structure.

Prefecture are now very demanding about the paddock informations. We ask you to follow with precision the following informations:

– For a correct reading, all documents should be filled by computer with all the correct informations. Any document filled by hands will be rejected.
– Each example includes the number of vehicle accepted. No exemption will be done.
– Indicate all dimension : lenght, width and totale surface. All this informations will be very useful to the organisers.
– Your structure plan should be modificate for any reason? You are obliged to inform the AFOR structure responsable a week before the next race.
– All the structures should be aligned with the white stripes planned in paddocks. All structure not respecting this alignment should be removed.
– All trailers that are useless for mechanic shop will be removed and parked in a location that will be communicate to you when you arrive on track.
– No car is allowed on paddock driveways. Those one are free for circulation. The race direction can convocate any owner in case of non-compliance.
– Thanks to verify that your structure is respecting all safety standard for fire extinguisher and tarp.

We remind you that after midnight any noise disturbance is forbidden inside paddock. AFOR ask organiser to report any disobedience to the race direction.

Dès cette année nous demanderons à chaque organisateur de faire en sorte que des rapports soient données à la direction de course s’il s’avérait que certains ne respectent pas la tranquillité et le sommeil des autres.

Have a good season!

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Proposition 1

Proposition 2

Proposition 3

Proposition 4

Proposition 5

Proposition 6

Proposition 7 (free, to submit)